Traditional Real Estate is dead. Try this instead!- Mobileverse Takeover review

What ‘Mobileverse Takeover’ is ALL About?…

Did you see the brand new, more powerful 7-Day Digital Landlord software launched earlier today? 

Right now, there’s a HUGE 90% early bird discount running on it: 

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It is so powerful and so sophisticated that you can kickstart your own Digital Landlord Agency in as little as 5-minutes…Here’s a sneak peek at just how easy it is: 


Peter and Todd have created over 90 “Ready-To-Rent” storefront designs in the hottest and most profitable niches. 

Your ONLY job is to select one that suits your new tenants (more on them in a second…)


Rent out your storefront for the going rate of $1,000.00+/month to over 125 million small businesses – AKA tenants.

These local (or national) businesses are DESPERATE to sell their products/services online and are happy to front the bill. 


Rinse & repeat as many times as you want to grow your monthly recurring revenue by RENTING an UNLIMITED number of Storefronts to an UNLIMITED number of businesses for UNLIMITED earning potential!

And the best part? 

You can do all of this WITHOUT…

  • Painful, Soul-Destroying Cold Calling/Emailing 
  • Meeting Any Of Your Tenants In Person
  • Selling A Single Thing 

Small businesses are literally ready and waiting to bite your hand off for this service. 

When one of Peter’s mentees first started out, he had his first Digital Storefront RENTED out for a nice 4 figure payday in the first 72 hrs…$1,000.00, just like that – cha ching! 

Ready to follow in those footsteps? 

Click here to get your BIG 7-Day Digital Landlord discount! 


VendorTodd Gross
ProductMobileverse Takeover
Launch Date2022-Mar-09
Launch Time11:00 EST
Front-End Price$37
RefundYES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Response
Official siteClick here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

Watch Mobileverse Takeover Demo Video:

The Funnel:

Front End – THE ROOKIE LICENSE Price: $27 One Time
  • ​• The “Instant App Funnel” Builder – cloud based software.
  • ​Build a maximum of 3 “Instant App Funnels” for your OWN business
  • 25 High Converting Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy in 1 click
  • All Standard Features…
Front End – THE ALL STAR LICENSE Price: $37 One Time
  • ​• The “Instant App Funnel” Builder – cloud based software
  • ​Build and SELL an UNLIMITED number of “Instant App Funnels” for yourself OR for clients!
  • ​​​200+ High Converting Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy in 1 click
  • ​”The Lazy App Academy” Case Study
  • ​”The Big Ticket Pricing Guide”
  • ​”The Hottest Mobileverse Niches” 
  • ​”Copy & Paste Client Getting Emails”
  • ​Priority Email Support
  • ​All standard features…
OTO 1 – Push Notify Pro Price: $67 One Time

​• Send UNLIMITED Push Notifications from every Instant App Funnel (FE is limited to 5 Push Notifications)

​• Grow your recurring revenue by upselling clients into POWERFUL “Daily Deal Campaigns” that bring them more customers

OTO 2 – The YouTube Client Induction System Price: $297 One Time
  • ​​• Peter’s coaching program normally sold for $997-$5,000
  • ​​• We’ll help your customers design, build and launch a high converting YouTube ad campaign that brings them new high paying client leads on 100% autopilot.
  • ​​• Gives your customers instant credibility and positions them as THE go-to expert in their niche practically overnight!
OTO 3 – Takeover Arbitrage  Price: $67 One Time

​• Powerful website migration tool that allows you to ethically steal clients from billion dollar 

companies like GoDaddy, Wix and WordPress in just a few clicks! 

​• Instantly clone any GoDaddy, Wix or WordPress website and convert into an Instant App Funnel! HUGE!!!!

OTO 4 – Mobileverse Niche Hero Price: $47 One Time
  • ​• Unlock over 200 additional templates that can be deployed with one click.
  • ​• Expand your agency portfolio and diversify your income with access to hundreds more Instant App Funnel niche templates
  • ​• Gives you access to several “Advanced” templates that come with features you can charge clients even more for (like smart digital business cards)!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this work outside the US?

YES, of course! We now have users of our platform ALL over the globe. Your location does NOT matter. And you’re NOT limited to working with businesses in your local area. In fact, you can literally live in a cabin in the woods with no humans in sight for 100 miles – as long as you have an internet connection and half a brain, this will work for you.

Do I have to meet clients in person?

NO WAY! It’s 2022. Who meets in person nowadays anyways? EVERYTHING is done 100% online. Kyle does this from his 1 bedroom apartment for businesses all over the world. Heck, he’s never even spoken to most of them.

What if I don’t have ANY technical or design skills?

Then this is PERFECT for you! When we say you can create an UNLIMITED number of Instant App Funnels with just a few clicks, we mean it! If you can check your email and browse Facebook, congratulations – you have what it takes to win BIG with Mobileverse Takeover!

Will you help us find clients and get paid?

Does Superman wear his underwear over his pants? ABSOLUTELY! We’re gonna be walking you through this step by step inside “The Lazy App Academy” and giving you “The Big Ticket Pricing Guide” that shows you how to get $500-$10,000 per client, “Scorching HOT Mobileverse Niches” filled with clients who are perfect for this, AND “Copy & Paste Listing Emails” you can send out to those businesses to start landing clients as soon as TODAY – no selling or cold calls required!

How is an “Instant App Funnel” different from a regular mobile app?

GREAT QUESTION! Regular mobile apps are designed to work one ONE kind of device (iOs or Android). They need to be approved and distributed through the app stores AND they’re also very expensive to develop.
But an Instant App Funnel is SO MUCH more than a mobile app. It’s kinda like a mobile website, mobile app AND a sales funnel in ONE amazing package.
Instant App Funnels can be INSTANTLY accessed and downloaded from ANY device (desktop or mobile) REGARDLESS of operating system (iOS, Andoid, doesn’t matter)…all without going to the app store.Instant App Funnels can also be created in under 5 mins using our software with ZERO coding skills.
Finally, Instant App Funnels are exactly that…Mobile App FUNNELS. They can generate their own traffic with “QR Smart Flyers”, rank high in the search engines AND generate sales on demand for ANY product or service with Push Notifications.
So YEA, this is WAY more than an old school mobile app. Welcome to the future!

Do I need to have any skills?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We’ve already done most of the “selling” for you with our proven “Copy & Paste Listing Emails” and the other amazing resources included in this game changing package. By the time a business reaches out to you with interest in one of your Instant App Funnels, they will already be mostly “sold”.

How many instant App Funnels can I sell?

With the “The All Star License” you can build & sell an UNLIMITED number of Instant App Funnels, for an UNLIMITED number of clients and UNLIMITED earning potential! There are no limits besides the ones you put on yourself ;).

Will you help me create the Push Notifications to send out for our clients?

YES! We’ll be showing several examples of the type of Push Notification Campaigns you can send with our software. After all, that’s what clients will be paying you on a monthly basis for! There’s also an optional upgrade you can purchase that gives you a copy & paste Push Notification Campaign so you don’t have to do any thinking at all.

What if I have questions after purchasing?

Our customers tell us we have the BEST support in the industry. Once you login to the members area you’ll see a link where you can reach us instantly with any questions you have. Technical support, getting clients, making sales, whatever you need help with – we’re just 1 message away. You can typically expect a reply from us within a few hours Monday – Friday between 9am-5pm ET. We do have support staff working on the weekends as well during the special launch event 🙂

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